Monday, March 29, 2010

Smarty Pants

We always said Ten was a bright little bugger. Ever since she was a baby, we could see the wheels turning in her little mind. Brilliance would come in tiny kernels: "octopus" as a first word, the ability to add in preschool- although she didn't know what she was doing (look Mommy 2 Cooper cars, 3 Bugs, and 4 Elements...that's 9 cars!), and lately she has pushed herself to figure out cursive writing (2 years early) and it's frighteningly legible.

Every parent thinks their kid is smart as a whip...but it's nice to occasionally get validation. This year, Ten got an Academic Achievement Award in Jan., in Feb. she was sorted into the advanced reading group, and today she made the Honor Roll. Actually, she made the Honor Roll with High Honors - meaning that 80% or more of her 2nd Trimester grades are at "A" and nothing is below "P" (proficient).

Way to go Ten! We're SO proud of you!!

Mrs. G's Class High Honors kids: Connor, Michael & Tenley

Smart is Sexy: Tenley & her buddy Em both made High Honors!

Can't wait to frame this!

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