Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bunny

Spring has come once again, and with it comes our annual trip to visit the Easter Bunny. We have taken Tenley to visit the same Easter Bunny every year: he's the kid sized audio-animatronic one at South Coast Plaza. He's really cool because he's controlled by someone off site who has a camera and a microphone so he can talk to and interact with each kid individually. The other really awesome thing is that because we have gone every year, Ten's Bunny pix are a great chronicle of how much she's grown and changed during the year.
So here ( in order) are Tenley's Easter Bunny pictures. Hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane as much as we do!






Donna said...

What a sweet sequence! My girls have been afraid of EB almost every year. It's not looking good for this year either. I bet they'd be okay with a smaller (cuter) one like this one though. :)

Happy Easter!

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The Know-it-all said...

Aww! Soo cute!