Monday, March 08, 2010

Gymn Pix

So I don't think we've ever really discussed Ten & Gymnastics. Ten has always had oodles of energy- the kind that makes you, the parent, want to tear your hair out because she hits the ground running and never stops...and it's been this way since the day they handed her to us. As a result, we have constantly looked for new and fun ways to wear her out since she was 9 months old.

She started gymnastics in Aug of '08- right in the middle of the Beijing Olympics- because "China Sister" Lauren had her birthday party at her gym and Ten loved it.

In August of '09 she got her first trophy for one year of continuous attendance. She was so excited to finally get hardware!
In September, she turned 5, and about 3 days after her birthday, Coach Tiffany called to invite her to join Level 1 Team Gymn. You could have pushed us over with a feather. Really? Turns out that Ten really is really good at gymnastics...and considering the amount of time she spends vaulting around our living room, she should be!

Team Gymn is not what you see on TV at the Olympics- that's Artistic Gymnastics (and you must be at least 7 to compete). Team Gymn involves a team of no less than 6 girls and/or boys who as a group do: vault, floor routine, tumbling, and mini trampoline.
Here are some random pix of The Fireflies at their competitions!

The Fireflies

At march in

About to start their floor routine...

Ten & Em in bridge

At the top of her tumbling pass

About to take off for vault...

In flight... (check out her awesome form!!)

Ok, the last pic is a really unattractive shot...but I put it in so everyone could 1. admire her amazing form, and 2. admire her incredible muscles!

Look at her extended leg! You could bounce a quarter off her tiny booty!


Shelley said...

Whoa! Ten's a natural Michelle! Awesome.

Elle said...

Beautiful gymnast especially for one so young.