Monday, June 02, 2008

Overheard This Past Week...

Tenley to the AT&T U-Verse Technician:
“Hey Man, you woke me up from my nap and now I’m grumpy!”

Tenley to the Dog:
“You will be Princess Lulu and I will be Princess Ting-Ting. But my dress is nicer than yours.”

Tenley to Daddy:
“I need your book so I can go in the army. (as she takes the book) This is called sharing Daddy, get used to it.”

Tenley to Daddy:
“AAGGHH, Kismet tried to bite me and it wasn’t nice.” Daddy says, “What were you doing to the dog when she tried to bite you?” Tenley replies “Nothing, but she needs to have lipstick on.” Hmmm.

Tenley to Daddy:
“I don’t want to tell mommy, mommy makes me grumpy!”

Tenley to Great-Grandpa:
“Great-Grandpa, why did you fall down and get hurt on yourself?”

Tenley to the universe in general:
“I am so exhausted and I am having a bad day!”

It’s tough to be a three year old!!

1 comment:

Donna said...

Totally cracking up at the "needs to have lipstick on" comment about the dog. Ten is such a little character!