Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Lunch

Yesterday was Tenley's last regular day of preschool and since it was close to Father's Day all the dads came to have lunch with their little ones. Tenley was very excited to see me and couldn't wait to show me the present she had made. It was a fishing pole with a fish on the line and her picture was on the fish. She was very proud of it.

I brought Subway sandwiches for us and we sat in the shade with all the other dads and kids and ate. Tenley pointed out all of her friends to me and told me all the times they all got in trouble during class. Seems to be a big part of her life these days, keeping tabs on others.

When we were done with our sandwiches I told her I had a surprise for her, a big cupcake. She was so excited and dove right into the huge amount of frosting on the top.

After lunch we went into her classroom to give her teachers a gift. She couldn't wait to give them a present too. Teachers got boxes of See's Candy because we know what it is like to deal with a preschooler and we figured they would need all the chocolate they could get!
Tonight we get to go her school for the end of year program and next Monday she starts the summer program.

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