Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Outing

Today I took Tenley to Castle Park in Riverside while Mommy got to have some alone time at home for Mother’s Day. I figured since she had to work tonight that the least we could do was to leave her alone all day.

Tenley has talked about Castle Park for more than a year now. Every time we drive by on the freeway she yells, “There’s Castle Park. Am I big enough to go there?” They have lots of fair type rides that are perfect for her and I got her an unlimited bracelet for the rides. She went on the carousel, castle taxi, the train, flying airplanes and the tilt-a-whirl. The tilt-a-whirl was for bigger kids so I had to go with her on that one. Turns out that the tilt-a-whirl is almost too much for me these days but Tenley giggled through the whole ride and wanted to go again and again. After the ride was over while I was looking for my stomach, Tenley decided it was time for cotton candy. Let’s see, little breakfast consumed, no other food in our system…yeah, cotton candy sounds good.

After the cotton candy kicked in we went on all the rides two more times each. She was a real dynamo and was bitterly disappointed to find out she was too small for the log ride. I told her not to worry, there’s always next time!

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