Friday, May 02, 2008

Conversations with a 3 1/2 year old

Tenley: Can we make cupcakes?
Daddy: Ok.
Tenley: Are they ready?
Daddy: We haven’t made them yet.
Tenley: Can I crack the eggs?
Daddy: No.
Tenley: Why not?
Daddy: Because I don’t want egg all over the floor, counter, the dog or you.
Tenley: but I will be careful. I promise. I love you Daddy!
Daddy: Thank you, I love you too but you’re not going to crack the eggs.
Tenley: Are the cupcakes going to yummy?
Daddy: They will be if you don’t put that salt in them. Put that down now.

Time passes as the cupcakes are in the oven…

Tenley: Are the cupcakes ready yet?

Do you get the theme yet? This goes on for the entire 20 mins of baking and cooling.
Finally we are eating dinner and she finishes all her rice and says I’m done.

Tenley: I have too much food in my tummy. I’m done.
Daddy: Then I guess you are too full for a cupcake?
Tenley: No, I need a cupcake right now.
Daddy: Not until you finish your chicken.
Tenley: I don’t like chicken, I like cupcakes.
Daddy: If you don’t eat your chicken you will not get any cupcake.
Tenley: Oh you mean this chicken (pointing at her plate)…I love chicken.

I know those of you with 3 yr olds have had this very conversation many, many times. The best part was while she was eating her cupcake she noticed I had one too and said, “Can I have your cupcake too?”

At least she’s consistent.

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