Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tub Time Tinging

After days of hearing Grandma Suzie complain about seeing nothing but bashed in cars, Tenley decided to help out by playing some bath time music so we could post about it. Michelle bought Tenley this xylophone that floats in the bath tub. Tenley seems to like anything musical so this was going to be a good toy. Sure enough, Tenley jumped right on that xylophone and started banging out ringing sounds. You can see from the pictures that she is enjoying herself! She didn't seem to like it floating in the tub since she had to chase it around to make music. She much preferred the side of the tub position where she could have maximum xylophone effectiveness.

So, if you are a very, very busy toddler with a new toy that you've been playing with for ten minutes, what do you do next? That's right...you rip it apart. It took Tenley ten seconds to have the metal pieces off and the foam pieces ripped apart and started banging other things with the mallets. It took even less time for Beeps (our youngest cat) to take off with one of the foam pieces and start chewing it up. Oh well, so much for new toys! Luckily the xylophone goes back together and Tenley can make music another day in another bath!

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