Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beware of Vaccuums

Tenley has long been a participant in the toddler game of "What Common Household Object Am I Afraid of Today?" Her favorite object to be wary of is the Vaccuum Cleaner. She cries everytime we run it. We either have to hide her in the other room and distract her while we vaccuum or take her somewhere else entirely.

In an effort to make her less afraid and try to embrace the fabulous device known as the vaccuum, we purchased her a vaccuum of her own. It has eyes and a smiling mouth and talks to her while she pushes it around. It makes all the appropriate vaccuum sounds and Tenley seems to like it very much. Just look how nicely she cleaned the room up. Doesn't even look like our place anymore. We hope that this new toy will usher in a new era of mutual acceptance between Tenley and the vaccuum. Only time will tell us the answer.

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Grandma said...

Hey Tenley, You did such a good job on your Mom and Dad's livingroom, why don't you bring your vacuum the next time you come to our house and make Grandpa and Grandma's house as pretty as your house? That is an amazing vacuum cleaner. Just a couple of more weeks and we will get to see you again. The day that you get here we are going to have a birthday party for Grandma and your cousin Delanie. Delanie will be one and I will be over the hill big time. I still feel young and still have enough energy to play with you. So I can hardly wait until you get here. I love you lots. Tell your Mom and Dad that I love them too.
Love, Grandma