Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weekend in Clovis

Last weekend we headed back up north to visit Jeff’s parents in Clovis. I really wish someone would invent that “beam me up” thingy from Star Trek, because I love seeing my in-laws, but I hate the 290 mile drive. Tenley doesn’t like it either- heck- she doesn’t like going across town being restrained in a car seat, so the 4 hours to Clovis is a killer. But we had a plan this time: I was 90% packed a day in advance, we woke Ten up at 6, at 8:15 she got a little Benadryl, at 8:30 we went to the park to run and play until 9:30 when we left. It worked! Tenley was asleep before we got on the 210. But then I blew it by desperately needing to use the potty somewhere around Rowland Heights, and she woke right up as soon as the car slowed down and refused to go back to sleep.

She was actually pretty good (minimal whining and cranking) and was happier when we made our usual stop in Bakersfield for some McCrappy fast food lunch and a wander around the Wal-Mart to stretch our legs and change her. She was less than thrilled about having to get back in the car, but managed to amuse herself by playing with the holographic silver and metallic pink soccer ball we had just bought her.

We made it to Clovis by 3 and put Tenley in cute clothes so she could go with Grandma to Grandpa’s work to meet everyone. Jeff and I took off to run some errands that go better without Tenley like getting some new jeans at Old Navy. Of course, Jeff didn’t make it out of the Old Navy without 2 new outfits for his Monkey Princess. After our respective outings, we rendezvoused back at the homestead and happily settled into some yummy, but spicy, chicken enchiladas and the evil evil cake that Jeff’s Mom (whom is diabetic I might add) had baked for us.

On Saturday, we got up, dined, and let Ten get distracted playing with Grandma, and then around 11 we ditched her to go antiquing and have lunch like sane childless grown-ups. Of course, the only things we bought were 6 books for Tenley and a 2 qt. casserole dish that is part of my long-discontinued Pyrex. For her part, Tenley was having a fine day. Grandpa came home from the golf course, and they pimped the red Radio Flyer wagon that had belonged to Jeff and took Tenley to the park where she decided to try out the big girl swings. The only downer in Tenley’s whole day was that she refused to take a nap, so by the time we showed up she was one tired and cranky little girl. I finally managed to rock her to sleep around 5, so we let her have a little snooze and then disturbed her around 6:30 to go have some dinner at Marie Callenders.

The dinner itself was nothing remarkable, but something very sweet happened: we were seated in a booth with Jeff’s parents on one side, and Ten between Jeff and I on the other. We got the kids salad bar for Ten so we were feeding her, and encouraging her to color on her placemat, and playing peek-a-boo with the menus while we waited for our food to come. Suddenly, an older gentleman looking very dapper with his hat and bow tie came up to our table and smiled warmly at Jeff, Ten & I and said “ The love the 3 of you have for each other is so obvious...it’s just beautiful. I don’t see that very often, so I had to come over and tell you.” I was so moved. I think that may well be the nicest compliment I’ve had as a Mom.

On Sunday morning, Jeff’s parents got Tenley up and dressed her in the very chic and way too cute leopard jumper that Aunty Jen bought her and took her to church, thus allowing Jeff and I to sleep in. After they got home we went out to breakfast, and then it was time to begin the 290 mile journey back home. This time, Tenley fell asleep in Fresno and slept all the way to Azusa! Good girl!! We called Doug & Tina as we passed their house and they jumped in the car behind us to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummy!

Another good weekend at an end!

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Karen said...

Your li'l monkey is looking all growed up!