Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bing and Bong

...There's a Tiny Planet calling....

East Coast parents with early risers know who Bing and Bong are. Frighteningly, so do some of us West Coasters. Bing & Bong are the heros of "Tiny Planets" on Noggin which is on at 6am EST...that's 3am for us in CA.

I like Tiny Planets, but we usually don't see it (which is good) except when Ten has a sleepless night....or she's sick. I'm sorry to say it's the latter.

My little baby is sniffling and sneezing and has a nice chest cough. The whining & whipering started coming over the baby monitor at 2:30 and an hour later Tiny Planets was over and I was in the car in the pouring rain heading to Rite Aid for infant's Robitussin.

While I hate it that Ten doesn't feel well, the nice thing about her not feeling too well is that she's a little less active and alot more snuggly...it's nice to get to snuggle with hereven if it's only because she needs comfort.

I'll post pictures and stories from our sick-free weekend in Clovis as soon as my sick baby is sleeping.


meet penelope said...

I like that computer for Tenley. How does it work and about how long does it keep her occupied? I've recently become a "work at home mom" and need some distractions for Penelope. By the way I'm a fan of your blog, it has been VERY helpful.

mom to Penelope from Yangxi

RedCookie95 said...

Although it is obvious that she is not feeling well, Tenley sure looks cute in front of her PC. What is the device on the desk? A baby keyboard? How does it work?