Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Evil Mommy!

Hmmmm...do you notice any simularities between these 2 pictures??? Yep, I gave my daughter the "Instant Martian" hairdo. I'm sure she'll kill me when I drag these out everytime there's a 1st date (along with the naked bathtub pictures).

I'm sorry we've been so quiet over here...we've had a whole lot of nothing exciting to say! Here are all the less than exciting updates:

Tenley has found the playground. Our trips to the park, until this last week, have mostly consisted of Tenley toddling everywhere, and becoming very nervous on playstructures and crying on swings. Suddenly this week, she figured out the steps and got all excited about the steering wheels at the top platform. She was interested in the tunnels and the slides and it took a couple visits, but she got over her aprehension and today went down 2 of the 3 slides all by herself with musch giggling and clapping at the bottom. She also got on the swings and had a good 5 minutes of happy swinging- it was a breakthrough!

Jeff is having cruise withdrawl, so he got all excited and booked a nice little 6 night cruise from San Diego to Vancouver. Then we lost our minds and upgraded into a junior suite because we decided to take Tenley with us. So we're trying to decide on what we can fit in our port time from the myriad of tempting things to do in San Francisco, we're looking forward to tea & sweets at Murchie's in Victoria, and we'll be spending a few extra days in Vancouver so we can take Ten to Grandville Island and Stanley Park....but can someone out there tell us what there is to do in Astoria, Oregon??? I know it's pretty...but what should we do??

The income tax return is looking good, so I'm plotting a trip to London in the fall with the hope that the tax man comes through enough so I can fulfill my promise to my Mother-In-Law of giving her at least 1 week a year with Tenley.

Just last Thursday we headed out with Doug & Tina, 2 of Doug's sisters, Uncle Sean (and his new paramour)...whom we all saw on the exact same day a year earlier as we welcomed James into the world. WOW. I can't believe our little Puxter is a year old!! In one way, much like Tenley, I feel like he's been here forever...and in another I can't believe that a year has passed. Someone told me that once you have kids, time passes faster than ever- I think they're right.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

The look on Tenley's face is priceless!!

RedCookie95 said...

This may sound lame, but while we visited Astoria to scout Coast Guard Housing (so GRATEFUL hubby decided military life was not for him, and better, US), we enjoyed visiting the Goonies house. It’s my husband’s favorite movie and a really neat treat for him. We also visited the school in Kindergarten Cop.

We have been following your blog for a while. We lived in Idyllwild (P), Moreno Valley (me) and Riverside (us). We miss our season passes to Disneyland, Knott’s, Magic Mountain and Raging Waters.

Tenley is such a cutie and her antics just crack us up. Seems that you do not have problems feeding her. :) We were DTC last month, and with the recent slowdown do not expect to meet our daughter until January 2007. Oh well, more time to get ready for our baby girl.

Karen said...

Ohhh, that's soo cute. I really love that you can laugh at life. It makes me come back for more every time.