Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year...Nothing New! - 1/03/2005

In our last post we mentioned that our referral could possibly come very early and that travel might be sometime in late spring. Turns out that was nothing more than a Halloween scare. Looks like we are still on track for late spring referral and possible travel in June. Many people ask all the time what is happening. I always tell them the same thing...Nothing New. We are in the long waiting period. Of course, long is relative. To a couple who has been trying to have a child for many years unsuccessfully, this waiting period can be unbearable. To us, who have not even tried once to have a child, the wait seems just fine. In fact, we are so busy that time seems to fly right by. We are now really only about 6 months away and there is so much to do that the time will be gone before we know it.

As it stands now, group 98, 100p and 101p are going to travel around January 12th. Group 99 is waiting for referrals now and will probably travel sometime in February. We are group 103 so there are only a couple in front of us. We still have to figure out what to do with all of our stuff that is currently in Tenley's room. We have to figure out where everything should go in the room and this will also involve rearranging our bedroom and the living room as well. On top of all that, there is work and more work at Disneyland. So 6 months doesn't seem all that bad. Anyway, that's the update for now. More coming soon!

For those of you who want to read another adoptive family's story go to:

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