Monday, January 17, 2005

"Stay on Target"...."Almost There"

Last week, Groups 99 & 100 got their first call! They are so excited. After what seemed like an unbearable wait for some of them, they now have the news that referrals have been made to their groups. They expect to get their second calls late this week or early next. That call will tell them that they have a child. Then they can then get their photo and documents from USAA. Their third call will be the Travel call. The rumor is they will travel at the end of February.

Group 99 was a month late in getting their call and group 100 was on time. Only groups 101 & 102 left before it's our turn. Group 101 should, theoretically, get their first call in February. Group 102 would then get their first call in March and we would be on schedule for April with travel in late May or June. I'm not sure how any of these other groups think that this is taking way too long. From where I sit, time is flying by at a ridiculous speed. Anyway, that's all the news there is for now. More soon....

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