Saturday, October 23, 2004

Halloween Scare!!! - 10/23/2004

Is it a trick or a treat? We were minding our own business reading the China message board for our group (103) that we belong to when we saw something that caught our eye. Apparently there is a gentleman named George who has made some predictions about travel times for various groups in the past. His success level is surprisingly good, but that could be owing to the fact that he is really good friends with the director of our facilitators. Someone asked if George had any particular prediction for our group, #103. George responded with "still working on g-103 predictions...possibly Easter but maybe adjusted in a couple of weeks."

Easter...Easter 2005??? Could he mean the Christian Easter in March??? Maybe he means the Russian Orthodox Easter in June. March would be three whole months before we were prepared to even receive a phone call let alone travel to China!

After thinking about this for a few hours, we decided that surely this was not possible. Everything we have heard and read in the past 10 months has stated that China is taking between 7-8 months to complete referrals once they receive the documents. Besides, group #97 just got their referrals and group #96 is still waiting for their travel calls. That leaves five more groups ahead of us. June/July is looking like the right time. Then....

A message gets posted from Norman, the director of the agency. Norman states that he actually has orders for groups 96 and 98 to travel and is waiting for orders for group 97. He hopes that all three groups can travel together on Nov. 12th. That only leaves four groups between us and them. Uh-oh. March doesn't seem so unlikely now.

We're not ready! We're not ready! No registry, no baby shower, no baby room, no furniture, no...well, you get the point. At least at this point the child would have a name. Somewhere to sleep might be better but a name will have to do.

We have decided not to panic yet as things may yet change. We will keep you posted!

Happy Halloween!!!

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