Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Newlywed Game - Part Two - 4/24/2004

Today was my day to go and see the social worker for the long awaited Q&A period. I had to work at Disneyland in the morning so my day did not have an agenda like Michelle's from the week earlier. My day consisted of having to be at Disneyland wide awake and ready to go at 4:45am! Not quite sure how that happened. I really need to stop answering my cell phone when I see a Disney number. Got up at 3:00am, after 3 hrs of sleep, and left for Disney by 4:00am. Worked my shows and got off at 1:00pm. I was starting to feel tired now. I drove up to Brea, which took all of 10mins, and drove around to kill some time. I finally got to the meeting place at 1:45pm and called Karen to tell her I was there.

She met me in the clubhouse area of her complex and I told her that I had been up since 3:00am with very little sleep so if I nodded off during our interview she should just slap me and remind me of what we were talking about. She laughed and said she was sure that wouldn't be necessary. She said our interview should not last as long as Michelle's since I had said I was not a talker like her. 2 hours later she would call me a liar about not being a talker. Who knew! We started with her disclaimer of letting me know that she was not trying to be invasive or trying to pry, she just needed to know about me and who I am. I have long said since starting this process that I would be less than tolerant of anyone who asked ridiculous personal questions that have nothing to do with how I would raise a child. We had both read quite a bit about people who stated the questions they had to answer and I wanted none of that. Fortunately, our social worker is extremely nice and very understanding. The interview was truly what Michelle said in her post... some background on my family, background on me and Michelle, personal assessment and miscellaneous chit-chat. That pretty much covered it.

Those of you who know me will know that there were some interesting things to talk about. She took all that in stride and thanked me for being honest as we went through. All in all, not a really bad interview at all. I think if more people had to participate in something like this before they were allowed to have a child, we would not have as many deadbeat, moron parents out there. When I was done, I called Michelle and said I was going home to have a nap. Not bad for a days work.

Our next meeting will be our last where Michelle and I hand over some documents that are required and Karen will give us copies of our completed Home study. On the move!!