Sunday, April 11, 2004

Calling in Reserves!! - 4/10/2004

Due to the facts mentioned in the previous post, we had to call in reserves to help with the cleaning effort. Megan "where's the rubber gloves and Fantastik" Papa, close family friend & ruthless cleaning tyrant, came over to lend her extraordinary skills to our project. She walked right in and immediately starting asking things like, "Does this need to be here?" and "Do you really want to display this?" and "I'm gonna need another trash bag!!" We heard these statements for the past two days as Megan, Michelle and I worked our way through the jungle that is our apartment.

Michelle tried in vain to explain to Megan that the social worker was not going to use the "White Glove" treatment on our apartment. It still needed to have that "Lived in Look" but Megan insisted in soaking the glass light fixtures in bleach and scrubbing the inside of the refrigerator (for which we are eternally grateful) anyway! As a result our kitchen and front bathroom are shining examples of what human being can do when faced with extraordinary odds and an extremely sensitive nose to the cat box.

There was still just too much stuff! We are drowning in paper, catalogues and miscellaneous stuff. There was talk of a bonfire, mass trashing, and possibly moving altogether. In the end, it turned out that apartment #1 was available and we, with the manager's approval, moved all our stuff down to that apartment and closed the door. Suddenly it was like a whole new world at our apartment. The cats didn't know what to do. There was nothing to climb on and play in. They rolled all over the newly cleaned floors and continued to look around for all the stuff.

We could not have done this without Megan. She saved our lives with her willingness to help out and her strong cleaning skills. Thank you Megan very, very much. We owe you big time!! And yes, all the stuff has to be moved back after the social worker visits. Lucky us.

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