Sunday, April 25, 2004

The Newlywed Game - Part One - 4/17/2004

I got up with an agenda: Breakfast, shower, get pretty, go have passport pics taken, drive to Fullerton and have interview with the Social Worker.

I got up. I cut coupons. I opened cabinets and found nothing for breakfast. I read my email. Was bored. Decided to take a shower for lack of anything better to do. Need to let hair air dry before beginning styling, so I got sucked into watching Steel Magnolias for the umpteenth time. Forty minutes later, Julia Roberts was dead and my hair was dry and not styled. Uh oh! I re-wet it and styled my hair. Since I was having passport pics taken, which are notoriously horrible, I actually applied full makeup...and then the phone rang.
It was mom. An hour and twenty minutes later, Julia Roberts is still dead and I am not dressed. Uh oh! The agenda is out the window. AAA closes in less than an hour and I have to drive to Fullerton. No passport pics today! What a waste of makeup.

The drive to Fullerton went very quickly and was mostly uneventful, which was odd because copious amounts of water were falling from the sky which leads Californians to believe that the world is ending and they should drive like idiots. I arrived at Karen's place early and we played Marco Polo on the cell phone until I found the rental office where she was going to conduct our interview. The rental office could double as a location for the South Pole and I had forgotten to bring my down parka. Penguins were seen wandering about the exercise room. There was a polar bear on the treadmill, I was cold, get it? I sat down across from Karen and she spontaneously morphed into Sigmund Freud. "Tell me about your childhood, tell me about your mother, tell me about your husband, tell me about YOU!" I tried to tell her that I was dull and uninteresting. Two hours later, she called me a liar. I think her favorite part was when I told her the story of how the Principal at Riverside Christian Day School told me I was displeasing God and going to burn in Hell because I was flunking math. Freud, aka Karen, seemed pleased that I knew this was not true. Mostly, the interview was what I expected. Some background on my family, some background on Jeff and I, a personal assessment of myself and miscellaneous chit-chat. All in all, it was easy and went well.

Our timing was right on because as I pulled out of the parking lot, Jeff called to say the Mouse had released him for the day and we decided to meet at the Brea Mall for dinner at Claim Jumper. At this point, the debriefing began for information for his upcoming interview next week.

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