Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello? Hello? Anybody there??

I know, I know: it’s been really quiet over here and where the heck are all the cute pictures?? The answer is: the cute (but really really annoying as of late) kid has been with her grandparents all week, so we currently have no good stories or pictures. I wish I could apologize and tell you how sorry I am about this…but I’m not.

No, I’m really not sorry at all. Why?

1. Very peaceful 5 hour drive home from the grandparent’s where we were not forced to listen to The Wiggles or Between the Lions, continuously hand over toys, and I got to recline my seat and take a nap.
2. I have slept the sleep of the dead and have not stirred before 9am on any day this week.
3. We had a 2.5 hour fondue dinner at The Melting Pot on Tuesday night. It was divine. No one climbed on us, sat in our laps, or tried to get under the table…and we didn’t have to share- except with each other.
4. We rented- and watched- 2 movies this week. They were not animated.
5. I have not seen Little Bear for 7 days.
6. I got to have breakfast with both Auntie Meg & Auntie Kim this week. We walked in to these restaurants and said “2 please”. Not “2 and a highchair” or “2 adults & 2 kids”…just “2”.
7. I read an entire book from cover to cover.
8. Jeff took Wednesday off and we went to downtown Orange and went antiquineing. Lots of stores with cthokies and knick-knacks…and we didn’t have to worry about who was touching what.
9. I have swept and mopped my floors. Cleaned and re-filled the pool. Sifted through and culled from Tenley’s clothes and toys. Started watching “24” on DVD (finally). Got satellite TV. Taken a nap every day.
10. I have not said “What are you doing?!” “knock it off!” “that’s one” or “Hey! Listen to me!”…except to the dog. I have had a chance to relaaaax.

A rest has been needed: Tenley has decided to begin the pushing and testing phase. You know: the one where you tell her not to do something so she looks right at you and does it just to see if you actually meant it and what you’ll do. This phase also brings some of my least favourite verbal reasponses: “no”, “I’m in charge!” “I get choice!” “No Mommy, you wrong” “I don’t waaant to/that” “Stop it-mine-now”. Trust me, she’s still adorable (which is why she, like most children, will continue to live) and she has moments where she’s sweet and cute as heck…they’re just greatly out numbered at the moment.
Don’t get me wrong- I love my little girl. But sometimes you need to breathe and remember what life was like before them, and know that it will be that way again one day.

If you want to see what we were up to before Ten went to Camp Grandma, visit to see us (finally!!) meet up with the Mager’s and Double Happiness Donna with her virtual twins at Kidspace in Pasadena!

Plenty of exciting stuff coming up: Ten begins pre-school on 9/5, Ten’s 3rd birthday which will involve trips to the OC Fair and Disneyland, and we’re already making Haloween plans!

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Shelley said...

What a nice breather you had. To say I am envious would be such an understatement. :)

It was great to finally meet you and Tenley. She is the cutest little doll Of course I witnessed nothing of the "testing" of which you speak. But with two of my own, I feel for you sister! Repeat after me: "Children are fun. Children are fun. ..."