Sunday, August 05, 2007

Daddy Gives In

We have cats. We have had cats for 10 years now. We have four cats. I was quite sure we didn't need any other living creature in our house. Then Tenley started wanting a dog. Mommy has always talked about a dog someday and now she had a kindred spirit in the house to wear daddy down.

I was quite firm every time I said "NO!" I have done well for the past two years now. Then came yesterday. We went out to run some errands and decided that we would stop by the pet store so Tenley could see the fish, birds and rodents. It's like the local zoo without admission.

Saturdays and Sundays are pet adoption days at the pet store. I told Michelle to stay away from them because we didn't need another cat. The thought of a dog had never entered my mind. Why should it? I have issued my command very sternly on several occasions, "No dogs!"

Tenley and I were making our way through the store admiring birds and fish and hamsters, when I noticed that Michelle was nowhere to be seen. I looked around and found her with the pet adoption people and worse, she was holding a dog. I took Tenley over to let her pet the puppies and to, once again, issue my command.

"Put the dog down and back away slowly" I stated firmly. But it was an awful cute doggie. Next thing I know she is talking to one of the ladies about a whole pen of german shepard puppies. I thought I had my next victory when I stated "No male dogs". I had previously heard one of the workers say that all the puppies were male. I thought we could escape soon since there were no females. Then someone jumped in the pen and started looking under the dogs to verify. Ugh! Two females. Before I could say maybe we should go, Michelle had one of the females in her arms and the worker lady had the other.

Then while I was looking for an escape I heard Michelle say something to the lady and without warning I had the above pictured puppy in my arms. I swear it smiled at me. I was licked and her tail wagged and before I knew it we were buying a collar and leash. Yikes! Michelle said it was the right dog at the right time...fate! So we named her Kismet.

She is a German Shepard mix (probably with chow) about 8-10 weeks old. She is peaceful and quiet. Likes to be scratched and hugged. Tenley is just over the moon about this dog and couldn't stop smiling all the way home as Kismet lay sleeping in her lap.

So now the count is one wife, one toddler, four cats and one dog. I am severly outnumbered. Since we started the process for child adoption number two this week, I think I am going down!

How do you spell Daddy? P-U-S-H-O-V-E-R


bbmomof2boys said... could you even THINK of turning down that sweet face....Tenley's not the puppy! We are animal lovers 2. We have 2 dogs a pom and a black lab. Both of these dogs are a vital part of our family and go everywhere with us - even trips to NY (11 hrs). They are both spoiled and even sleep with us - ugh!!!

She's a sweet pup! Tenley will enjoy growing up with her.

Oh - nice little sneak you got there - congrats on the new paperchase!!


Beverly said...

Sounds like you need to rename the blog Tenley the Tamer!!


Mayzaboo said...

Awww! How cute! We may end up with similar counts in our house someday- We have 3 cats, 1 almost toddler, a rabbit, and I want a dog someday, too, but not until we have a backyard of some kind. Congrats on the new puppy, and also on the beginnings of obtaining child #2!

Kikilia said...

Kismet is toooo cute! Then again, I'm a pushover for a german shepherd pup.

And hey, the pup is bound to be easier to potty train, right? ;-)

Enjoy and congrats on paperchasing #2

Smiley2398 said...

That is such a cute doggie! I am begging my mom to let me have one, but we can't. It's the apartment rules. Tenley is sooo lucky to have such cute dog.
My name is Tenley too!