Sunday, June 24, 2007

Drama Queen

Yesterday was such a busy day that Tenley did not have a nap. I struggled to keep her awake until 8pm or so and finally let her crash at 9pm. She slept all night but is clearly very, very tired still today. She has been whiny all day and every little thing sets her off into a crying fit. The best example of this came when she opened the front door of our old apartment onto her toes. She cut one of them slightly and understandably there were many tears. She cried and whimpered about it all the way home until Mommy could fix it up with some Neosporin and a band-aid.

After the patch job on her toe was over she was still laying on the couch whimpering. Then while I was putting her nap clothes on her she said, while still crying, “I wish I could walk again.” While I was still laughing at that she got up and started limping around like she just had a toe or two amputated. This caused me to laugh harder and her to cry more while hopping on one foot and refusing to put her injured foot down.

This is why even though she protests, Tenley takes a nap every day. Miss a day and you get a world class drama queen!


Shelley said...


Amen to the nap thing

Kristin said...

love those naps! wish Meigan would still take one, but nope!

Catie (almost 7) quit napping at 3, and it was not fun from 3-6pm.. I used to say that whoever invented the term "happy hour" obviosly didn't have kids...:)

I'd put her to bed at 6:45, she'd be asleep by 7 and out for the night for 12-13hrs... the same has held true for Meigan now, and by 7-7:15 she's OUT!

and we've our nights free...

it's when they dont' have enough sleep and wake up cranky, and it's SOOOO hard to start the day that way...

Tenly is growing up so fast!!!