Thursday, July 20, 2006

...Because 1 Corn Dog is Never Enough...

...Kim and I decided to take Jaxon & Ten to the OC Fair again.

It was a "normal" day for Jaxon who is typically an early riser, but poor Tenley was torn from the gentle arms of sleep at 7am so we could have breakfast with Aunty Meg before we crept behind the Orange Curtain to see the animals.

We had grand plans: leave at 9, be at the fair when it opened at 10, see animals, pet animals, eat fair food (which is it's own food group), let kids play in giant sandbox, ride cheesy kiddie carnival rides, escape before the traffic became unbearable. Well, it didn't quite work like that. First, I was a complete blockhead and when I looked on the website I remembered that the Fair opened at 10- which it does- on Saturday & Sunday. It was Wednesday. Oops, that meant it didn't open until noon, so we had 2 hours to kill. Fortunately there was an Ikea right down the street, and since we don't have one near by it seemed like the perfect escape.

I'd say the kids had almost as good a time at the Ikea as they did at the fair. We spun them around in the shopping carts, and they went bananas jumping on a bed that Tenley seemed to like. Then we got to the kids section where they ran amok jumping on "Skon" an air element with a cover, and crawled around in this tube thing that went into a pop-up igloo tent, between trying out various table & chairs. For our part, Kim and I got a few things like a step stool for Tenely and a new bookshelf for Jaxon. Kim also bought Ten & Jaxon "Mula"s which is the Ikea version of those wood things with the coated wires with beads on them that kids like to play with. Jeff put Ten's together and she had a fine time dragging it all over the living room and showing it to the cats and forcing us to hold it on our laps while she played with it.

We had a great time once the Fair opened. It was uncrowded enough to let the kids loose to run around without worrying that they'd get trampled or lost. We trotted them over to see the animals and they seemed happy with the sheep and goats, but once again it was the chickens and the rabbits that they were just delighted with. They kept trying to stick their little fingers in the cages because bunny lips & noses tickle when they check you out, but we kept having to yank their little hands back because they just didn't understand that their fingers looked like carrots.

It was apparent at that moment that Kim was wasting away and that it was time for Fair food! Jaxon had just had his very first corn dog the week prior, so we headed to the Hot Dog on a Stick. Both the kids gave the finger to the corn dogs and we ended up eating theirs as well as ours. They had no time to eat because they were busy running round & round the picnic tables playing keep-away with Tenley's sippy cup which had the strawberry lemonade in it. They did stop occasionally to dance along with the line dancing seniors on the Heritage Stage.

By the time we had done a lap through the commercial building the kids were toast. They both passed out on the way to the sandbox, so we cruised around for awhile and checked out the rest of the Fair. Jaxon eventually came to but Ten wasn't budging, so we called it a day.

It was a good time, and I'm looking forward to LA County in September!

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