Saturday, August 28, 2010


"China Sister" Lauren unintentionally did Ten a solid by having her 8th Birthday party at an ice skating rink. Ten has been wanting to go ice skating for the longest time ( I think it has something to do with that Barbie Pegasus movie where Barbie ice skates), but I am extremely clutzy, and her Dad hasn't skated in years. This was the perfect solution, and as it turned out, the perfect place.

Lauren's mom found this ice rink in Van Nuys ( ) that from the outside looks highly questionable, but looks like every other ice rink I've ever been to on the inside.

The party started with what was seriously the coolest thing: ice bumper cars. Like bumper boats on ice. They were awesome. Ten was al little unsure before her first ride, but she got off all smiles and giggles and happily got right back in line for another spin.

After the bumper cars, we forced them to come into the warm party room for pizza and fries. They stuffed themselves with lightening speed, and then it was time to skate! They lined up to get their skates, and I have to say I was totally impressed that Ten knew her shoe size. Lauren's big brother Kevin helped me get Ten's skates laced on tight, I handed her a walker and put her on the ice!

She was a little unsure, and was barely moving her feet, but the walkers were great because she felt more confident and less likely to fall. As she made her way around the rink, she started moving her feet more and getting more centered in the walker. Lauren's cousin and big brother also came over and skated behind her for awhile.

She made several laps around the rink, and never fell! When it was time for cake and hot chocolate she exited the ice happy and said that ice skating was really fun.

After the party, we headed back over to Lauren & Amanda's house for dinner, hanging out and presents. Dinner was, as usual, delicious and the kids all happily played together with hardly any drama.

A happy birthday was had by all- especially the Birthday Girl, who we finally said good -bye to at 9pm so she could get some rest before her trip to Disneyland the next day.
Tenley passed out in the car somewhere around San Dimas, her first icecapade at an end.

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