Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The League of Extraordinary Bowlers

Sat. Feb 20th marked a first for our family since Ten came home: this was the first year we have not gone to a Chinese New Year celebration. Although we welcomed the Year of the Tiger on the 14th, it seems that most public parades and celebrations took place last Saturday...at the same time as Alyssa's 6th birthday party. So, Ten had to make a choice: CNY or bowling with Alyssa friends. The bowling won.

Here we have The League of (Less Than) Extraordinary Bowlers who gathered for pizza and "Cosmic Bowling" (disco lights, glow neckalces and balls, loud dance music) to celebrate Miss Alyssa turning 6.

The League includes: Michael, Thomas, Isaiah, Briley, Makeda, Ashlyn, Emilee, Tenley and Alyssa.

The bumpers were raised, and they did have a slide to help them lob those oh so heavy 6lb balls down the alley, but they abandond the slide after the first couple frames and went with the "Fred Flintstone" softball pitch instead. Hilarious. I think there were at least 5 of them on each alley, and I'm not sure they ever actually completed a game; mostly because there were frequent stops for pictures, dancing, pizza and games of chase.

Jeff and I played 3 games on a neighboring alley, and were shocked to find that someone ( we have no idea who) managed to convince Ten to sit down and eat something. Had we suggested something so outrageous as stopping for food, the idea would have been immediately dismissed.

Getting them to stop bowling and sing "Happy Birthday" and therefore eat cupcakes piled high wih sugary frosting was not a problem at all.

2 hours and 20 minutes later we left with a tired, happy and hopped up on sugar little kid. Mom and Dad needed Ben Gay for their arms and wrists and some real food (ie. not bowling alley pizza), but a good party was had by all!!

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