Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pie Making

Last Saturday, Tenley awoke with a frightful start from her nap. She was not totally awake but was screaming bloody murder. I was trying to comfort her while we were on the couch and she just kept sobbing. Suddenly, without any warning, she stopped crying, looked at me wide-eyed with a big grin and said "Daddy, can we make a pie?"

I was speechless. Less than a second ago she was a sobbing, snotty mess and now she wanted bake? And she wanted to bake something I had never, ever done before? I said sure! A quick trip to the store for some ingredients and we were making a mess in the kitchen. The pictures below show the very short story of the very long pie making process.

I love her crossed eyes in the this picture. She does this on purpose every now and then for pictures because she thinks she is being cute.

So this is the finished Mixed Berry-Double Crust pie from scratch. It was actually pretty tasty. Next up for the Tenley baking school will be a scratch white cake.


Deckers said...

Wonderful! You are such a great Dad!

Deckers said...

Wonderful! You are such a great Dad!

Terynn said...

I agree. You two are a wonderful parenting team, who have the coolest gift of treasuring your daughter's wacky childhood antics.

I have always enjoyed your sense(s) of humor and looks to me like 'cross-eyed Tenley' (ha) will follow well in her parents' footsteps.

Love it!