Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Over at Waiting for Sophie, my friend Shana always has these long posts that are picture after picture of her cutie pie, Sophie Lu, from one of the little photo shoots that Shana does at her gorgeous house. You never see that here, because I can't get Tenley to cooperate for more than 5 minutes- and she frequently responds to the sight of a camera by turning her head and refusing to smile.

Today, however, everyone in blogland gets a Sophie-style photo log of Tenley, because we are such award winning parents that we completely forgot to take pictures on Christmas.

This year, Santa brought Ten her own tv and dvd player! This was really a present for Mom & Dad, who were tired of having a war over who got to watch whose movie on the one and only tv in our house.

Other big hits in the present department this year included the jungle gym and Disney princess pajamas from Grandma Susie, the Barbie Razor scooter from Great-Grandpa, Bella Dancerella "Swan Lake" dvd/ballet bar/mat from Mom & Dad, the Disney Princess comforter from Grandma Barbara, and the Kohl's Cares Brown Bear plush from Nana Ruthann.

It was cold and rainy- as close as we get to a white christmas in the valleys of So Cal. We were lucky enough to get to see almost everyone in our real and extended families. We've missed a few people (and you know who you are), but we're hoping to get to see you soon.

Here's hoping that everyone's holiday was merry and bright!


Donna said...

Oh my gosh! These are stunning! Love the one with all the ornaments around her. Just beautiful!


Katherine said...

Beautiful pictures--what a treasure.

Shana said...

You are too funny!

These are SO gorgeous!!! All of them! Tenley looks so beautiful & I love the black background!

And btw, Sophie acts just like that most of the time now- I just have to bribe her and do VERY funny and crazy things to get her to smile!

Happy New Year!!!

Shana :)