Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gotcha Day #3

10 months
Size 3-6 month

1 year, 10 months
Size 6-12 months

2 years, 10 months
Size 12-18 months top, 9-12 month shorts, 2t pants
3 years, 10 months
Size 2T top, 18-24 month shorts, 3t pants
Despite the delay in posting due to issues we’re experiencing with our internet access, Anniversary #3 of Gotcha Day happened right on schedule on June 27.

Ten went to pre-school in the morning (didn’t want to miss “water day”), and Jeff and I went and saw Wall-E. I know, it sounds like something we all should have done together: but given our Kung-Fu Panda experience, Jeff and I opted for a tribute to our former child free moments. After school we met up with Aunty Kim & Jaxon for our weekly lunch date at Chick-fil-A, and then headed for home to get in a quick nap before we went to Castle Park.

Castle Park has become one of Ten’s favourite places because it has lots of rides she can go on by herself with little to no waiting in line. Our Gotcha Day outing there provided Ten with 2 unexpected bonuses: 1) Jaxon & family came along to help celebrate, so she had a buddy to run amok with; 2) the nice guy who sold us Ten’s combo ticket made an oops and thought it was part of the “buy a day, get the summer free” promo, so she ended up with a season pass! A fine time was had by all, except for the adults realizing that we’re not 16 anymore and only good for 1 or 2 spinning rides each.

SO! We’ve now been riding the Tenley roller-coaster for 3 YEARS! And let me tell ‘ya, this year has produced A LOT of hills!!

School Girl: Ten has been going to pre-school for 3 half days a week for 10 months now. I think it’s been really good for her, her attention span has improved a little and she spouts off all the time with things that I know I haven’t taught her like the Pledge of Allegiance and how to swing on the big girl swings. She always says “I had fun at pre-school” when you pick her up, and is always happy to see her friends when she gets there. Bonus: her class next year has 3 other cute little Asian girls in it too!

Gotta Go: Potty training began in earnest this year, and our big girl is really good at using the potty now. She’s also good at holding it, so when she tells you she needs to go, you don’t have to pick her up and run. Accidents are pretty rare, but she still has to wear pull-ups at night and for nap, but the nap pull-up is almost always dry. Hopefully we’ll be done with all of that by next year!

It’s in the Jeans: This child is a bean pole. She continues to just grow up and up and up. Buying pants for her is a nightmare- she’s all leg- by the time we hit shorts season, the length of her pants was right for her age, but the waist size was so 2 years ago. At least her feet seem to have slowed down for the moment, but she’ll still need new tennis shoes by Fall. Her hair is getting longer too- a few months ago she surprised us by deciding she wants long hair like Mommy, and we can now get a pony tail or two in it again.

What ‘chu talkin’ ‘bout: Everything. Constantly. This is payback- I know it- it’s the Mother’s Curse (“I hope you grow up to have a child just like you!”) in action. I know I never shut up, and now neither does Tenley. The good news is that her manners are pretty good- she usually remembers “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”. She remains the living incarnation of Transformers’ Bumblebee by frequently speaking in quotes from various movies and TV shows…that often make no sense or relate to anything else.

3 Sucks: Seriously, the so called “terrible two’s” are nothing- I’d go back to that any day. Three has been awful: any little thing that doesn’t go her way and she goes into full meltdown. Crying, wailing, kicking, screaming, pulling her hair, growling- the works- and it can last for hours because she refuses to calm down and just keeps working herself up. It’s worse if she’s tired or hungry. The kid spends so much time in time-out these days, I think she thinks it’s a scheduled activity. I take comfort in the fact that 90% of the other 3 year olds mother’s that I talk to say the same thing, and other parents assure me that by 5 they’re like real people.

You Are Not Alone: With Tenley, you are never alone. Ever. I think this is one of those weird personality shapers from her orphanage days- she still wants your complete and undivided attention at all times. If she’s watching tv, she wants you watching her watching tv. She can’t just ride in the car and sing a song or stare out the window- she wants continuous interaction whether it’s conversation, requests/demands for drinks or toys, etc. No one in this house has peed by themselves or showered uninterrupted in 3 years.

My Obsession: Ten continues to become obsessed with random things. There’s always a movie and/or tv show- currently it’s 101 Dalmations II- Patch’s London Adventure and Curious George. I’ll take the animated monkey over Little Bear any time, any day. The kid also loves cars, and is obsessed with VW Bugs & PT Cruisers. She points them out constantly- everywhere, wants you to look for them too, and you must acknowledge when she shouts out that she’s seen one. We’re trying to broaden her horizons with Cooper Minis and Honda Elements.

The next year will bring some big changes: pre-school 5 half days a week, and Mommy is probably going to go back to work. Can’t wait to see how Miss Ten rolls with the punches!!

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Kristin said...

Happy 3yrs. Anniversary!! I know I'm about 2 weeks late...I don't have much time these days to read blogs, let alone update my own...

ahh, the 3', aren't they?? NO THEY ARE NOT! I hated the 3's...with both my girls... but will get really really good, and then when the age of 8 hits (as Catie just turned) gets bad again...and with wonder I have gray hairs...

Tenley looks so grown up...peanut that she 5yrs. old, she'd 34lbs. and 40in. tall...bean poll!