Sunday, September 30, 2007

Conversation with Tenley

So there I was minding my own business, actually sitting down to do some business, when the bathroom door comes flying open as Tenley is yelling "Daddy, are you in there?" She was carrying this catalogue from BBC America with her. Following is what was said...
T: Daddy, is the doggy ok?
D: Yes the doggy is fine. Go back out to the living room!
T: But she is laying down, is she ok?
D: Yes she is fine.
T: Who is that man? What is he doing to the doggy?
D: He is petting her and she is laying down. She is fine!
T: Does she own him?
D: Yes, he probably does own the doggy.
T: Why is she laying down? Does she feel ok?
D: They were probably hunting and now she is resting. She is fine.
T: What were they hunting?
D: Birds.
T: Are the birds ok?
D: Probably not since they were being hunted. Go out to the living room!
T: So the doggy is resting?
D: Yes the doggy is resting.
T: I will give her a kiss to make her feel better.
D: That's nice. For the love of God, please go out to the living room!
She left the magazine with me and trotted off happy in the knowledge that even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with the doggy, she made it all better by giving her a kiss.
Meanwhile, I forgot why I was in the bathroom in the first place. Better luck next time!

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Beverly said...

She just wanted to share!! Great story. You are a parent and you didn't realize you don't get private bathroom time?