Friday, April 13, 2007

Gettin' Pretty

We were convinced for the longest time that Ten was destined to be a tomboy. The fact that she runs jumps and climbs on everything, coupled with her lack of fear and willingness to bulldoze anyone who gets in her way led us to believe that she was going to be a jeans-tees-tennies kind of girl. Then again, maybe not.

It turns out that she loves to get her hair cut. She's not so hip on the washing & blowdrying, but the cutting & brushing rate highly.

She loves to watch me put on my make-up and always wants some. She now has her own lip balm and set of make-up brushes, which according to LaFred are evil and should be killed. This just sends Ten into hysterics seeing LaFred take off with her blush brush hanging out of her mouth.

Dresses have become popular too. She's obsessed with her "Chinese dress" from Chinese New Year and wants to wear it everywhere. Most any dress will do, but that one holds special appeal because I won't let her wear it often for fear that people will think we're freaks who only dress our kid in qi paos.

Tonight I decided to tempt fate and take Ten to one of the major girl rituals- the pedicure. I have avoided this because Tenley generally refuses to sit still for anything, and I certainly can't get up and chase her around the salon if I'm trying to get my nails painted. But today, Auntie Meg (who bravely took Tenley to Disneyland by herself this morning) informed me that I had "scary long caveman toenails" and that I needed to do something about it poste haste. So I asked Tenley if she wanted to get her toes painted and she said yes. Miracle of miracles, she sat still for hers and mine.

I let her pick whatever polish she wanted and she chose gold glitter. The nice nail lady put flowers on her big toes, which I'm trying to explain that you don't scratch off.

I may have opened Pandora's Box. We'll have to see. She may want a facial next week.


Shelley said...

How fun! Your toes are very pretty Tenley.

Yes, Pandora's Box, indeed. I took my girls to get pedis and manis a couple of times, and now cannot even look at a salon without them asking when I'm going to take them back for more.

I have to now schedule mine while they are in school so I don't go broke. ;-P


One Lucky Mom said...

My girls dig this stuff. Both of them. Watch out Libby Lus.

Donna said...

Caveman toes -- funny!!

Tenley has pretty feet! I'm glad she cooperated. I'm still much to wimpy to try this with my girls tho.


Kristin said...

LOVE those toes!!!!
too flippin cute!!!!!!
I just had a whole girls weekend with my girls...complete with hot pink toes! I love little toes painted!

Can't believe how grown up Tenley is! my gosh!! I haven't checked in on your blog in a month or so...she's soooooo grown up!!!!


bbmomof2boys said...

I can't wait to share that with my daughter!!!