Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tenley Activities

Tenley models the newest in tissue box apparel

There are several new Tenley-isms that are too cute so I thought we would share a couple. Most of the time she comes up with these right after some demon inspired activity like dropping the phone in the toilet, body slamming the cat or just being destructive in general.

She has become a lot more vocal in the past few weeks. This comes out in the funniest ways at the most random times. For example, she has a Winnie the Pooh toy phone that rings and teaches counting, shapes and music. The Wiggles Safari (her current favorite) was on the TV tonight and her very favorite song, The Queen of the Roses, was showing. She had just been playing with the Pooh phone and during the song the phone began ringing. She looked at me with a classic “can you believe the phone is ringing” look then turned and said “not now phone, queen roses on!” Of course you had to pick me up off the floor laughing.

Her unwillingness to pick anything up is becoming legendary. This example comes from last night while playing with Playdoh. There were several items on the floor around her to choose from. She decided she needed a new color open and was bringing it to me for assistance. Instead of getting up and stepping over or around all the other playdoh items on the floor she just kicked them all over the living room out of her way. When told that was unacceptable and she needed to pick them up she responded, “Paydoh in way…MOVE!” While trying not to laugh I made her pick everything up. That did not go over well.

The past two days I have been battling a cold trying to keep it from evolving further. Usually Tenley and I play around pretty rough on the floor. She climbs all over me and I throw her around like a rag doll to many giggles of happiness. As I was sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket she tried jumping on me. I told her that Daddy was not feeling well and she could not jump on me today. She looked concerned for a moment and then pronounced that “Daddy need medicine.” I told her I would take some later but she decided that was not good enough. She looked right at me and said “Tenley fix” and with that planted a kiss right on my shoulder and said “all better.” How do you resist that? Needless to say, fever or not, I spent the next 20 mins playing on the floor with her.

The other night the phone rang and as I was looking for it Tenley jumped up, yelled “Tenley get it”, grabbed the phone and took off toward the bathroom. I caught up with her just in time to hear the splash as the phone hit the toilet. How nice! She just stood there, giggled continuously and said “Tenley do it”.

I would love to share more but I just noticed that it is awfully quiet in here and I see that there is Playdoh stuck to the TV screen. I should go and pay attention to the little devil and make sure that the cats are still alive. Secretly I think this is why Mommy goes to work.

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