Monday, November 13, 2006

Sharing the Lovey

The other day LaFred was having a small nap on one of the couch pillows. She was being cute so Michelle decided to snap a couple of quick pictures. Tenley saw this and decided, all on her own, to share her lovey with 'Fred. She told Michelle, Shhhh, Fred was sleeping and then she went over and put her lovey on Fred. It's very cute.

Everyone seems to be getting along and Tenley is bonding with LaFred since they are both the baby. Now Tenley has her own cat to grow up with.

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Donna said...

Gwen's "lovey" is also a washcloth or towel with a folded corner. She's not picky about which one so we have about a million of them. It looks like Tenley's lovey is well loved! As is her new kitty!


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