Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crash & Sleep

What's a toddler to do after a full day of running, playing, chasing the cats, throwing tantrums and generally being cute...that right, it's time to crash.

She couldn't even wait to get her shoes off. She's so cute when she sleeps!

Tenley sleeps all over her crib, from one corner to the other. All night moving around but this seems to be her preferred and most comfortable way to sleep. We got this pic when when we went in to wake her up one morning.

Seems like it would be uncomfortable, but apparently not for Tenley!


Donna said...

Gwen has a "lovey" that is nothing more than a washcloth that she must carry everywhere. Is that what is covering Tenley's face?

If so, it's interesting to note that Gwen covers her face with her "lovey" when she sleeps too!



elizabeth said...

I just saw the photos with the pigtails! Congratulations. it took Macy a while too. These two seem to have a lot in common!

Zeus said...

Tenley's lovey is a white washcloth and she goes almost nowhere without it. She almost always covers her face with it when she sleeps. I guess that comes from the orphanage where they left the lights on 24 hrs a day. Probably her way of making it darker. It's really cute!

Shelley said...

She's so darn cute! Charlotte loves to cover up too. Funny.

Julia said...

I've been following your blog for several months and just love following the exploits of Tenley, she reminds me a lot of my youngest. It sounds like she keeps you hopping. Love the crib picture, I wish I could get those days back sometimes.