Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sunday in Vancouver

Ok, ok...we're a little behind. Alright, we're alot behind! I'll try to catch us up:

Sunday began with a cough and a sniffle from Jeff. Uh-oh. Whatever it was, I didn't need it and I really didn't need Tenley getting it, so it would have to be nipped in the bud.

With the help of the standard issue hotel room phone book and Yahoo Maps Canada, I located a drugstore only a mile away. I was going to make this journey on my own, but Jeff decided he was up for it, so we loaded Ten in her Combi Savvy Soho (worth every one of it's $100 on this trip alone) and headed out. Yahoo Maps didn't lie, if we had had a car we could have been there in about 2 minutes. But we were on foot, it was uphill, and one of us felt crappy so it was more like 45 minutes.

But the drugstore was right where it was supposed to be, and within 10 minutes we had drugs, a fresh supply of nose strips, baby nail clippers, a sippy cup for Ten, and a recommendation for a place for breakfast only a 10 minute walk away on 4th St. We never did actually find "Sophie's" but we instead found a crepe place that made some absoultely delicious sweet & savory crepes and made the whole walk worthwhile. Bonus: 4th St was much flatter and a more direct route back to the Island.

A more direct route back was good since we had to haul tail to get to the False Creek Ferry to take us to the HR MacMillian Space Center in time for the 12pm show of "Music With Marnie". I can already see the question mark appearing above your heads: Marnie is one of the leading children's entertainers in Canada, and she developed this show for tots & pre-shcoolers that is shown in the planetarium. Tenley enjoyed the show, as it's full of music and totally interactive so the characters get the kids to dance and sing along. Afterwards, we checked out the all the Space Center's exhibits. Jeff and Tenley played a touch screen game about the planets, and I tried the simulator to land the space shuttle (note: NASA will not be calling me anytime ever).

After we had goofed around in there for awhile, we noticed that the Vancouver Museum was attatched to the MacMillian so we decided to check it out. The first room was full of history, artifacts, and photographs of Vancouver. In the second room, was the special exhibit with which I was enthralled: No Place for a Lady: Tales of Adventurous Women Travellers it was so fascinating- the exhibit brings to life the experiences of 18th- to early-20th century women travellers as they explored new and distant lands. I'm so grateful Jeff distracted Tenley for me so I had the time to read and examine the articles featured. It was based on Barbara Hodgson's book of the same title, and it is now on the top of my reading list.

We hung out until 2pm when they were presenting Laser Pop Power in the planetarium- it's a whole lasarium show for the kiddie to tween set with clean lyric songs by artists like Kelly Clarkson, Avril Levine, Hillary Duff, etc. I had a feeling it would be right up Tenley's alley, and I was right. She loved it. She got up and started dancing during the first song, and then started falling over while dancing as she craned her head all the way back to see the lasers. Then she would bound into our laps, lean back, and point at the shapes and stars being projected on the dome before leaping back to the floor so she could jump up to try to catch them. It was hilarious. Needless to say, she was wiped out by the 5th song, and she climbed into my lap and fell immediately into a very deep sleep.

She actually slept all the way back to the Island, and Jeff and I decided to keep the evening low key; so I trotted off to the Grandville Island Market and picked up dinner and dessert to picnic with, and when Tenely woke up we walked to the park that's right there on the Island. She had a fine time climbing all over the play structure and sliding down the slides for the next couple hours. She met a nice doggy, and a couple of cute Canadian boys about her age. Jeff and I just sat nearby enjoying the beauty of the park, and seeing the copious numbers of families and couples that were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, walking, playing and generally just enjoying each other's company. Eventually it got dark, and we headed back to the hotel for our picnic on the bed, and some much needed rest for Jeff.

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