Thursday, January 05, 2006

1957 House

Well, sometime last week we lost our cable. Apparently, the way our building is wired you need to be a crack military strategist to figure out who's feed is who's and some idiot at the cable company disconnected us along with the guys who moved out of #21.

So we became 1957 House with no TV and no internet. We couldn't get it back until Tuesday because of the New Year holiday and everyone taking the 2nd off as well. I really didn't care about the lack of TV - the only thing I was going to miss was the dead flowers rolling by in the rain...but the internet was another story. I was shocked and slightly appalled at how cut off I felt without internet access! Considering that the internet didn't really exist until I was in college, it's amazing how dependant on it I've become.

We are now re-wired, and I think I have finally caught up on all my e-mail and hopefully we'll get some pictures of New Year's Eve up later today!

P.S: As I was writing this, I realized that it had become awfully quiet in the room, and I turned around to find my lovely daughter removing all the kleenex from the box and strewing it around her and then destroying random pieces. I did get 1 picture, and I'm sure Jeff will stick it in the "Random But Cute" album on!

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Donna said...

I just checked out the .net site and the video of Tenley walking. How adorable! I love the "Walking on Sunshine" song too! How perfect!

Tenley is so darn adorable!!

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