Thursday, April 21, 2005


Yes! It's true: the stork has been sighted and is winging it's way to LA right now...the fact that the stork looks like a DHL plane is of no concern.

At 9:09 PDT this morning my cell phone cheerfully started ringing and showed me a 626 number that did not belong to Doug & Tina and that meant it belonged to USAA! Sure enough, it was Yasmine giving us our official "1st Call" to talk to us about our visas for entering China and to tell us that our referrals would be here "very soon" (we suspicion that they're already here, but Tracy who does referrals is on vacation until Mon.).

Here's the information I was able to get from Yasmine:

Referrals are coming for the 15 families in Group 103 and the 8 families in 106p.
She does not know which provinces the children are from.
She has not heard anything about twins, but she has heard that there are a couple of boys.
Our target for travel is late June/early July.

We expect that we will get our referral next week, maybe Tues. or Wed! I can't believe that it's our turn - NOW! I'm so excited, and yet completely overwhelmed.

I think I'll go outside & start looking for ladybugs!

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