Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Social Worker Visit - 3/24/2004

The social worker gave us a couple of dates to come to our place and have our first meeting. One of the dates was this Sunday, not a chance. Those of you who have been to our place know that five days will not be good enough to clean up and I had to work at Disneyland both Saturday and Sunday. The next date she gave was April 10th. As luck would have it, I was scheduled to work at Disneyland on that day too. We read many places where people said it is not good to have too many date conflicts because the social worker might only be available those days and the next available might not be for two months. I called Disneyland and talked to my manager who, in turn, told me to email the scheduling dept. Well that turned out to be the best idea. Liz, my scheduler, was thrilled to hear that we were adopting and gave me the whole day off. She is the best! So our first visit for the home study will be on April 10th. More to come soon...

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